A second helping of angels and time

{The first helping of angels and time}

I always figured, despite the occasional clock-hand mixups, that angels have an “internal chronometer” and always know when they are.

On reflection, that’s a stupid assumption. Angels don’t need a circadian clock. They’re not in changeable bodies. God is timeless. It’s not certain that angels are anchored to time the way we are. They’re native to Heaven, and I’m not sure what the daylight situation is in Heaven, although Revelation speculations there’s no darkness at all.

Regardless, I figured angels always knew what time it was. And then this:

At my mom’s house, Kiddo#2 decided she wanted a nap; Kiddo#3 decided to join her. I laid them down in the guest bedroom and then laid down with them to prevent too much giggling.

This had the predictable result: within five minutes, both Kiddos were awake and I was out like a rock.

I awoke to find the room dark. The house was quiet, and I had no idea how long I’d been asleep. I thought, “I wonder what time it is?” because I didn’t know if my mom even had a clock in the guest bedroom.

I felt inside that it was around three.

No problem. Since it was quiet, I took about ten minutes to wake up for real, looked around and discovered that yes, my mom does have a clock in the guest bedroom, and it said 3:15.

I wandered back out to the kitchen, and there I saw the time was really 2:15.

Two conclusions:
1) my mom hadn’t set the clock in the guest bedroom to daylight savings time
2) the angel glanced at the clock and communicated what it said

I love that. 🙂 It was something I’d never even thought about before.

{The third helping of angels and time}