In which we solve all the world’s problems

My Patient Husband stayed home sick today, and within an hour I was down for the count too. It’s a headache and sheer exhaustion. Kiddo#3 is watching WAY more television today than he’s normally allowed. He loves it when we’re sick.

Over lunch, my Patient Husband and I spent our ten minutes upright and awake solving all the world’s problems.
1) we fixed the American primary system
2) we decided who is the best candidate for president
3) we determined what’s wrong with the polling system
4) we found the butter that neither of us was able to find in the fridge this morning.

With all that under our belts, we both pretty much folded like a house of cards.

Aren’t you glad there are people like us who can solve all the world’s problems?


  1. blueraindrop

    that butter was probably the trickiest…. its amazing how things manage to hide in such a confined space

  2. philangelus

    I think you’re right, considering some of the OTHER things I’ve found in my refrigerator from time to time…!

    {where’s my horrified smiley?}