short story published: They Do Not Spin

Just a quick note to let you know that my short story is up online with Mused, the magazine of Bella Online.

They Do Not Spin is the story of a lawyer, his temp worker, and a job seeker who isn’t quite what he appears to be.



  1. karen =^.,.^=

    i like this story a lot – it has an eerie, peaceful, ghosty feel to it that makes me shiver and smile at the same time. i read it twice, word for word to make sure i wasn’t missing anything, and i still liked it, but i just don’t understand the title. what am i not getting? oh – and i went and read Winter Branches last night. absolutely loved it and voted for it. i do like your depiction of angels. they must be very fond of you for giving them personality without making them naked piglets with wings as some are want to do!

  2. philangelus

    Thanks for reading it!

    “They Do Not Spin” is a hash of Jesus’s statement that we should consider the lilies of the field, that they do not spin yarn and yet they are dressed more beautifully than a king in all his glory. (And therefore, we shouldn’t worry about life and work as much as we do.)

    I hope the angels like me. It’ll be kind of bad if they don’t. :#(

    Angel: Those stories you wrote…?
    Me: Yeah?!?
    Angel: They stank. Totally wrong. Awful.
    Me: Oh.
    Angel: Offensive, in fact.
    Me: Oops.
    Angel: But you can make it up to us by cleaning our basements for the next two hundred years.
    Me: *sigh* Where are the mop and bucket?

  3. karen =^.,.^=

    LOL! No mop and bucket, small soft toothbrush and cup of water for you, dear! No, i believe you would have felt a shimmer of some sort in your spirit if you were too far off base, or if you were being offensive in a manner that was displeasing to Him. Besides, your stories about angels bring so much peace and healing to the readers, i’m sure that must be a tool from God.

    Thanks for explaining “They Do Not Spin” – i understand now and it makes sense.