and then there was one scene left to go…

The novel referred to in the ticker is the sequel to the romantic comedy that’s before a publishing board next Monday (Feb 11th). The editor has indicated that if he buys that one, he wants a sequel as well, and by the grace of God I’d spontaneously resumed working on that novel last month. It had been stalled at 70k words for seven months.

Today, thanks to 45 minutes at the library and 45 minutes waiting for my son’s karate class to finish, I’m one scene away from the end. It’s a neat feeling.

Here’s the background: in 2006, I wasn’t going to do Nanowrimo. I’d had enough of it in 2005.

Then, someone did something that pissed me off on October 30th.

Do not piss me off. I do nasty things when I get pissed off. In this case, I decided to get the ultimate revenge, so I signed up for Nanowrimo.

(I’d like to explain why this was the ultimate revenge. First off, the person who annoyed me didn’t know she’d done it. Secondly, this was a constructive way to burn aggressive energy. Thirdly, if I succeeded, I’d have a chunk of writing done. Fourthly, the book took up so much of my brain that I no longer was irritated. Lastly, signing up for and participating in Nanowrimo is legal, whereas strangling someone with your laptop cord is not. Strangling people is also generally regarded as sinful, even if they deserve it. And in case you’re a regular reader wondering, “Was it me?” the answer is no, because the person who got me this angry doesn’t know I’m alive. It was one of those corporate things.)

Going in, I had no idea how the book would work, so I resolved I would write until I ran out of “what happens next” and then jump to the end, since I knew right down to the dialogue how the last 20,000 words or so would run.

The result was the first 40k of the novel, followed by a hole, followed by ONE funny scene, followed by another hole, followed by the final 20k minus the denoument.

The challenge when I started up last month was to fill that hole, incorporating the funny scene (nailed in place due to it happening on a specific holiday) and making it all flow. I think I’ve done it. Tonight, I finished suturing the hole. And while I was doing so, one of the minor characters said something offhand which is going to form the backbone of the denoument.

I do not recommend writing a novel this way. Particularly not with two gaps of five to seven months apiece in the middle.

Next up: editing this sweetie. It’ll only get shorter from that point as I tighten the language and remove repetitive redundancies and things I repeated and said multiple times. 🙂 I probably won’t update the ticker any more once the word count starts dropping.

I should pop open a bottle of champagne, but you know, I’m pregnant. And it’s Lent. So tomorrow I’ll just have some nice Earl Grey tea and a celebratory English Muffin.