Annihilation, favorite moment for chapter six

Chapter six of Seven Archangels: Annihilation is posted now.

This chapter leaves me feeling uneasy because it’s the beginning of Bad Things for Remiel. She’s struggling with her masquerade as a demon, and the guilt of being unable to save Gabriel is eroding her strength. As such, I have a hard time finding a “favorite” moment among all the emotional tension.

The moment I would pick, though, is where she describes the common area in Hell as “just an annoying place to be.” In this one moment, Hell is — for her, completely and utterly — other people. People rejoicing that Gabriel is dead. People mocking a loss that’s ripped a hole in the heart of Heaven. People who then force her to retell the story and gloat with them.

I love Remiel, so it’s tough for me to read her going through this.

Also, a little prayer request: my romantic comedy series is before a publishing board today. I’m trying not to be nervous because it’s totally out of my hands. I want it accepted. It’s better that God’s will be done, whatever that is. Please pray that the novels at least get a fair hearing. Thanks.