iz nah feh.

Kiddo#3 is still little enough to have cute verbal ticks, and he tends to slur the ends of his words.

Recently he discovered that if you say “It’s not fair!” you can protest just about anything: from his brother taking his toy, to my Patient Husband saying he has to quit running in the hallway, to me stopping him from pummeling Kiddo#2 with his truck.

Kiddo#3: Momma? Aah you still sick?
Me: Yeah, sweetie.
Kiddo#3: Iz nah feh.

My Patient Husband has recently taken to walking around the house quoting Ezekiel 18:25. “You say, ‘The way of the Lord iz nah feh.’ Is it not your ways which are nah feh?”

I really, really hope God has a sense of humor, because I laugh like crazy whenever he does that.