jealous Kiddos

Kiddo#3 has radar. He knows when Daddy and I hug.It could be in the middle of cooking, with the radio playing in the kitchen and the kids wrestling clear across the house. Doesn’t matter. My Patient Husband hugs me, and within four seconds, someone small is pushing us apart in order to get between. “I need a hug too!”How he knows is anyone’s guess. That’s why I figure radar. His little alarm goes off: something is wrong! Mommy and Daddy are paying attention to one another and not to HIM! Heavens to betsy — we can’t have that.And then, one day, it happened. Kiddo#3 was watching TV, and while hypnotized in this fashion, he didn’t respond to his inner radar. My Patient Husband hugged me, and Kiddo#3 did not shove us apart.This created a yawning gap in the fabric of the universe. So Kiddo#4 kicked him instead.Later on, it was impossible to explain to the Kiddos why we were laughing. But clearly, even at the tender age of 32 weeks gestation, #4 is already idolizing #3 and learning the Ways of the World.