Kiddo#2 is a true American

Before the entry: no update on the publishing board. I’m assuming I won’t hear back until at least Thursday. Now, onto the entry…

Yesterday I awoke at 6:30 to hear Kiddo#2 up and about already. Not a big deal; she amuses herself. Shortly afterward, Kiddo#3 asked me if he could get up too (uh, you are up, no?) and I lapsed back into sleep. Kind of.

At some point, I became conscious that Kiddo#2 was back at the head of the bed, with a book lying open right in front of my face. I feigned death, hoping she’d maybe get the hint that I was still sleeping, or at least give me a couple more minutes. No, as in Bedtime For Frances, “she stood there so quietly, she was the quietest thing in the room.”

Until finally she said, “I don’t know which one I want.”

I pried my eyes open enough to realize what she had in her hands was a catalog. The Breyer Horse catalog. She had found the plush horses.

As I type this, I fight the urge to wipe a tear from my eye. My daughter is a true American: she entertains herself by shopping. What a day for the Philangelus household!

I suggested she keep looking over them and decide what she wanted. This bought me some more minutes in bed, lying like one dead (the way I entertain myself as a mom of three-plus-one-soon.) Finally she came back and announced that she wanted this one.

Kiddo#3 then announced that he wanted it too because that’s what Kiddo#3 does. He invented bandwagon-jumping. Of course, then I turned on the light to see the catalog for real, and at that moment the only thing he wanted was to make shadows on the wall, so you can see his staying power isn’t quite what it will be.

Kiddo#2 asked how she would get it. I said, “We look online for it. We find out how much it costs. We see how much money you have. Then we decide if you really want it.”

A lot of Americans skip steps two, three, and four, so I wanted to emphasize those.

I’ve found it online. She probably has enough money in her wallet (hoarded from birthdays and Christmas.) But she hasn’t mentioned it since yesterday morning, when it was important enough to roust me out of bed. Not that I’m bitter.

We’ll see how things go. It’s several months until she has a birthday, and a lot more catalogs will arrive in this house before then.