The Gospel of Feline Mercy published online!

I knew this was in last month’s print version of The Wittenburg Door, but I dropped by their weblog today and found they’d put it online! I give you The Lost Gnostic Gospel of Feline Mercy, which I initially jotted down in an email to Wendy, who was knee-deep in the struggles of her animal rescue group and I believe at the time fostering five brand-new kittens.

Just a sample…

(7) When thou art asked if thou hast room in thy home, this is how thou must answer: (8) “No, I’m afraid I can’t. I really can’t. I’d like to, but no. Oh, he’s so cute. Well, maybe if I move my bed out of the bedroom and sleep on the floor in the kitchen I could make a place for him, but only this once.”