Newborn kiddos

My Patient Husband and I are having Naming Woes about our upcoming Kiddo#4. Part of the problem is that within five minutes of discussing names, one of us will suggest something like Hrothgar Samwise, and from there the whole thing devolves into fits of laughter and name suggestions that probably have Kiddo#4’s guardian angel staring in naked shock while the others pat him on the back, reassuring him.

Angel#1: “Really, it’s better than what they suggested for Kiddo#1: Judas Adolf Benedict-Arnold Cain.”
Angel#2: “They did NOT!”
Angel#3: “Yeah, they said someone had to rehabilitate the name, so…”
Angel#4: “Or when they suggested Lola Leigh Lynn Lee?”
Angel#1: “I asked, ‘Excuse me, but are you yodeling, or naming the baby?'”
Angel#5: “So really, it’s not that bad. We’ve all heard worse.”

Regardless, we don’t have final contestants on names, and the things I thought were decided are, in fact, not.

I posted about this on a forum, and many people suggested we wait until the child is born and then see what the child looks like. This tactic works for many; for us, it will only remove half the possibilities of names (gender-based) because neither of us has the capacity to look at someone and figure out that person’s name.

Besides, all the Kiddos so far have looked remarkably alike.

Would you be able to name them based on that? If so, you’re far better than I am. I can barely tell them apart from loose photos unless I figure it out based on context. (ie, we didn’t own that outfit until later, so that must be Kiddo#3.)

Based on my first impression, they’d all have been named Dumpling, so waiting for birth is not a viable option. I’m hoping a sticker comes out with the placenta, reading “HELLO! My name is.” Otherwise, we’re in trouble.


  1. CricketB

    Hey! Those kids are all sleeping!

    What’s your secret?

  2. philangelus

    The secret is to be VERY quick with the camera! 😉

  3. nolechica

    I’m no good at matching names to random faces, but good luck. Is there any theme to your kids names, do they go together in anyway, might think along those lines.

  4. Wry

    Have you tried the baby naming websites that let you work backwards? You can narrow it down by first letter, number of syllables, language group origin. Here’s one of them.
    Um, we’ve used them to choose doggy names. Argus=watchful guardian. Good for a doberman as well as a baby.

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