wicked, wicked mind

Kiddo#3 still uses a potty seat on the toilet (aka, “the toilet ring”) to prevent him from falling in. The previous one was trashed after being used for two other Kiddos, so we picked up another one.

There are only three choices for the discerning toilet ring purchaser: Elmo, Diego, and Dora. Kiddo#3 selected the Ginsey Dora Soft Potty Seat for his toileting needs.

If you click the above link, enlarge the picture, because the toilet ring says, quite unfortunately, “Vamonos! Let’s go!”

Isn’t “Let’s go” just…wrong? For a potty seat?

If I’d realized that in the store, I’d have pushed hard on the Elmo angle. Clearly I’m going to have to clean up my mind. 🙁


  1. xdpaul

    Holy smoke! I’m not kidding when I say I just realized the exact same thing last Tuesday!

    Your Judas CSI gave me a lot to think about, but with this, you just blew my mind!