Annihilation: chapter 15

Chapter fifteen of Seven Archangels: Annihilation is up over at MindFlights Magazine.

When I open the book and want to read something cool, this is the chapter I open to. You’ve got two characters awakening in this chapter, and both of them are coping with something being terribly wrong inside, and neither of them solve the problem in this chapter. Yet they cope the same way: by leaning on their community for the strength they don’t have themselves.

The situation is still serious, but there’s love and unconditional support, which is IMHO what the good guys do best. Underlying the anger, the frustration, the fear and the self-recrimination on the part of several characters, there’s trust and concern. We saw in chapter 14 how Mephistopheles handles the same situation, and it’s rather different.

And throughout, there’s little moments where despite the tension, the characters can come up for air and smile, like when Mary wants to know how the angels made a room warmer and asks if God will do it for her.

The Holy Spirit said, Up on the front of the throne of glory, does it say “Thermostat”?

Mary bit her lip to contain her smile. The room was already warming as she cleared empty containers off the bed. I’m not aware of anything it says on the front of the throne because I’ve only got eyes for You when I’m there.

The Holy Spirit said, Come back sometime and check.

So I can be dazzled and forget again? Okay. But then I’ll have to return again. And again.

The Holy Spirit hugged her.

Really, what does it say on the throne of glory?

“Not a step.”

Mary laughed as she put away the hamper.

Think about it.

Yes, God has a sense of humor too. He has to have one: He made us, didn’t He?

By the way: both stores Mary mentions actually exist. If you’re in New York, you now know where to go to get the best mozzarella cheese.