what I found in the photos

When I went ahead and printed six months’ worth of photos, I kept thinking, “I need to put that on the weblog.” We’ll see how many of those actually make it on here.

At the same time (serendipity again) someone on an online forum asked about embarrassing baby photos, and I said I didn’t think I had any, but I got out my childhood photo album and took a look just to make sure.

First, I was right. My mom has all the embarrassing photos of me as a tot. (Reminder to self: bring flamethrower to Mom’s next time.)

Second, Kiddo#3? Looks a lot like my brother at the same age. I was honestly shocked. Then, as we moved forward through time, there were photos of my brother at the same age as Kiddo#1, and again, the resemblance was stunning. If I can ever conquer the scanner, I might post a couple of examples.

I always knew the boys looked a lot like their father. It’s very often remarked how Kiddo#2 and my same-age niece look like twins. For some reason, it never occurred to me until I was looking at my four-year-old son twenty-eight years in the past just how much they also resembled my brother. I guess I wasn’t listening all those times when I accidentally called K1 by my brother’s name.

Third thing: at one point, Kiddo#3 recognized my prom picture as me. (Yes, despite the eighties hair, he figured it out.) And when I said yes, it was me, he looked at the other pictures on the same page, and he querulously pointed to another one, in which I was eight. He ventured, “Is that you too?”

When I said yes, he looked very concerned. “Why are you being a little girl?”

Gee, kid, because that’s how we all start out.

This really disturbed him as he tried to knead it into his understanding of the world. He knew that someday he’d be “tall like Daddy” and “go to work like Daddy” and so on. Kids becoming adults was just dandy in his mind. But the idea that adults were once kids inverted the whole world.


  1. nolechica

    lol, kid logic makes zero sense.