Reflections on…reflections

I went through an old journal and found an entry that’s something you’ve come to expect from Drizzle, and yet it came out of my head back on 4/11/2006.

I’m at karate, looking into the windows from outside. The light is just right so I can look inside and see there, or else change focus and see a reflection of myself and the others out here.

I’ve noticed that a lot lately, and I wonder if that’s how it is for angels, that they see us like a reflection in a window, or they can just change focus and see one another, or change focus yet again and see God.

And maybe it’s how Christians ‘see’ the hand of God in the world, by changing our focus, because we can look right through the reflections if we want, or we can focus on the reflections of the things behind us, when the light is right and our attention is on the right things. Just a thought.

Here’s a current thought: maybe in a perfected human, or human beings if we weren’t a fallen race, we’d be able to change focus perfectly all the time. Didn’t Paul say that now we see as if through a glass, darkly? This would seem to be the functional equivalent.