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Amy, a mom whose baby had anencephaly, sent me this story and gave me permission to post it here:

I have a VERY wonderful story about my Anna’s cap in the hospital…

I love to crochet and a couple years ago, I made a baby beanie and one to match, larger, for the mom. I was going to give them as a gift at a baby shower.

Well, time went by and low and behold WE were pregnant, so I saved the caps for us. We thanked God.

When we got Anna’s anen diagnosis, the caps became even MORE precious and needed in a special way. We thanked God.

When we were in the hosptial (March 16th) and I was in labor, I showed the crocheted caps to the nurse and our doula – Anna was 4 weeks early and we all just knew the cap was way too big for her. So I let go of the idea. God knew what was best, and we had so much peace at that moment that nothing disappointed us.

When they bathed my stillborn baby girl and handed her back to me, she had a crocheted cap on… It was EXACTLY the same yarn and stitch as the ones I had made years earlier!!!! Someone had donated a cap to the hospital for premies and deceased babies, and my doula spotted it and knew it
HAD to be the one for Anna!! Praise God for His attention to the smallest details.

Needless to say, I’m crocheting caps of all ALL sizes and donating them to the labor/delivery unit of our local hospitals.

Isn’t that amazing? So many of us say from time to time that we feel “called” to knit a certain thing, although we don’t know the reason why. Clearly in this case, someone was called to knit not only a cap for a baby, but to do it in THAT size, THAT color, and THAT style. By answering that call, the anonymous knitter showed Amy the love and care of God at a time when she needed it most.

Charity knitters, crochet-ers and sew-ers, keep on. 🙂 The work does matter. Sometimes very much.