Kiddo#1 objects

Kiddo#1: I don’t want to go to Vacation Bible School.

Me: Why not?

Kiddo#1: I just don’t.

Me: {no reply}

Kiddo#1: I need a t-shirt of Jonathan Papelbon.

Me: Why?

Kiddo#1, with a sly grin: That’s what it will take to make me go to Vacation Bible School.

Me: It’ll take a lot less than that.

Kiddo#1: What?

Me: I’m going to drive there tomorrow and leave your butt over there.

Kiddo#1: But the rest of me will come home with you again. I’ll just leave my butt there. And that will be gross and weird.

You can’t argue with that, can you? But yeah, I’m leaving him there anyhow.


  1. Ivy

    Ah, summer programs. That’s where I first learned how to crochet. Just remember, when he has a collection of 700+ bibles in his room, you were warned. 😉

  2. Jason Block

    No you can’t object. The reasoning works…but I dont think a shirt of the closer for the Angeltown Baseball Team would work for me…(especially since I love the Evil Empires myself :P)

  3. illya

    Welcome to the world of the pre-teen. And, just think, you have all those teen years to look forward to.

  4. philangelus

    Ivy, if he has 700 Bibles in his room, well, he’s not that different from the book-hoarders in the rest of the family. At least he’d have something worthwhile then.

    illya, he’s not just a pre-teen: he’s a conniver too!

  5. julie

    Glad the whole body was left at vacation bible school. I agree it would have been gross and weird. Fortunatly his butt and the rest of him seemed to enjoy it in spite of his objections and rationalizations!