weblog tour: colors/tastes

Time for the weblog tour!

Topic for week ending 6/28/08 by housewife2k
“What colors have a taste?” examples if needed, some foods or drinks just taste the color they are, like Blue Frost Gatorade tastes, well, blue!

Actually, I wrote about blue Gatorade a while back, if you’re new to this weblog. ūüôā

I’ve heard of synesthesia, the condition where senses get mixed up and you see sounds or certain physical sensations cause you to hear certain sounds. One man with synesthesia had to break up with his girlfriend because the sound of her name created an unpleasant taste in his mouth.

I am rather practical in this regard. Although sometimes sounds will cause me to see flashes of light, I keep my tastes in my ¬†mouth and my sights in my eyes. ūüôā The rest of my life is so disorganized that at least something works correctly.

But oranges, clearly, taste like oranges, so that color can have a taste.

Pink would seem to have a washed-out taste.

Blue would seem to be cold, almost icy.

The reason I’m having problems answering this is that I like foods as much for texture as for taste, and for heat/cold too. And yes, anyone who wants to can make the joke that I have no taste. Heck, I’ll make it for you. ūüôā

Some foods look like they should have a different color than they are, though. I, personally, have always been a fan of root beer and orange soda that are clear. It’s one of the lame ways I surprise myself when my routine needs shaking-up. (Woohoo! When will this mad crazy merry-go-round existence ever end?)

Put a better answer than mine in the comment box. Please.

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  1. Jenni

    Black will forever be licorice.

  2. housewife2000

    I did not know before now that you posted about cool blue gatorade before! That is too funny!

    Also, clear flavored things, though, disturb me. Water and lemon-lime are the only ‘clear’ flavors, so drinking a glass of clear liquid, and getting grape or watermelon just jolts me. I have not tried clear rootbeer or orange oda, though, so will see if that has the same effect on me.

  3. Rainha

    Does anyone remember Crystal Pepsi? I was a kid when it came out, and the only time our mom brought it home, she brought home Diet Crystal Pepsi. Yuck! I still haven’t forgiven her for that ūüėČ

    In a fun twist, I drink diet now, and have trouble finding clear orange that’s diet. I’ve never even heard of clear root beer! Time to do some shopping…

  4. philangelus

    I’m not sure if they still make it, but the clear rootbeer was “Snapple Tru Rootbeer.”


  5. anderyn

    Yes, I was a fan of Crystal Pepsi! Thankfully it didn’t last long, though.
    Now, I just drink caff free diet coke (or coke, completely unleaded) ūüôā

  6. ivyreisner

    Purple is sweet. I’ve never met a purple food that wasn’t sweet. Even eggplant is sweeter than most vegetables.

  7. ladyknight

    Red is crisp. Green is sour.

    It’s very strange to think about colors and flavors together; it’s starting to subtly change the way I think about colors and how they’re put together!