My Patient Husband catches a bug

My Patient Husband has enjoyed reading the weblog and occasionally commented, suggested topics, or helped me refine something I was writing. But overall, writing here is my “thing” and he had no interest in doing so himself.

The “sports and story” entry, for example, started out as something he suggested; I asked if he’d like to be a “guest blogger” and write it himself, but he declined. I offered to make him a co-author on the weblog, but no: he was content with the way things were.

Until an incident occurred at Angeltown Industries, and he discovered his company has groupies.

He wanted to tell everyone at Angeltown Industries about the incident, and he decided the best way to go about doing so was via the internal blogs they keep on their servers. He deliberated about this for a while, but this past weekend he set it up, and two days ago, he posted his first entry.

It would be, he told me, his only one. He wasn’t really “into” this whole blogging thing. But I helped him set up the site, choose a template, and showed him how to do additional pages. He wrote an “about me” page, and that was that.

The next day he was thrilled to discover three people had left comments on his blog. Later on, he noticed a news entry on their internal servers and realized something he’d done for one of their customers (a custom job) would make a very helpful entry for others doing the same thing. He posted that.

The day after that, he came across another news entry, and then it was the work of five minutes to whip out a few paragraphs about the ramifications of this article.

He’s delighted with his blog, and I’m so happy for him. There’s just something about framing your world into four-hundred word bites, a bit at a time, and sharing it with others who come to read it because they’re interested.

Before you ask, I can’t link to it: the weblogs are based on internal servers, and even I can’t read it. But maybe at some point he’ll take me up on my offer and get his own WordPress account, and then I can add him here as a sometime-author.