Monthly Archive: August 2008

automatic cheater!

Kiddo#3 is proud to be a cheater and will demonstrate if you ask him. He loves baseball because Kiddo#1 loves it. He’s easy-going and enthusiastic and adopts whatever exciting things the others are doing at any moment in time. Lately…
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where I don’t live

We had a brief return to Angeltown during which I realized I just don’t belong there anymore. I can’t put my finger on why. Kiddo#4 had a well-baby appointment (during which everyone agreed  “He’s huge.” The child is simply huge….
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Kiddo#2 has questions

Kiddo#2 is quiet and perceptive. Often you don’t realize she’s been paying attention until she repeats something you’ve said or mimicks something you’ve done. I’ve heard her encapsulate views of the world that no one ever told her but which…
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