Monthly Archive: August 2008

one conversation or two?

This is the opposite of a long-married couple being able to complete one another’s sentences: sometimes you can’t even decipher what you’ve said to one another. Patient Husband: Oh, I intended to take out the chicken. Me: That’s fine. Just…
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Moving: the creepy

I know I said I’d do good, bad and ugly, but I’ll do “the creepy” too because a couple of things stand out. First, after we’d been moved in about two hours, my Patient Husband stood by the window at…
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Moving: the ugly

Up until now, I’ve only talked about things that were major inconveniences about closing the deals on the houses. I am convinced the move was either cursed or was under heavy-duty spiritual attack, because of the following:

Moving: the bad

Yesterday we talked about the good parts of the move to Angelborough. There were, of course, bad parts. The bad was the stress. It was difficult beyond belief to get people to do their damn job. The new house doesn’t…
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Moving: the good

We’re moved into Angelborough now, and the internet is re-enabled. I’ve run through my backlog of pre-written posts, and that means it’s time for me to stop being a schlub and write again. The move had good, bad and ugly…
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