Paging an associate with an axe to kitchenwares…

Dear Patient Husband:

If you’re reading this, do NOT be surprised if you come home to find the dishwasher sitting at the edge of the driveway with its suitcase packed, half a bottle of dishwashing detergent sitting on top of it, and a sign saying “California Or Bust.” I’ve HAD IT with that thing.

your beautiful wife


  1. Jason Block

    I guess another trip to Lowe’s in your future. 🙂

  2. Jenni

    Is it like mine? Some tiny little European model from some company I’ve never heard of?

  3. philangelus

    It’s a Whirlpool that came with the house and probably dates from the construction thereof.

    Ask me why my kids ate breakfast off cloth napkins yesterday morning. I loathe that thing. Oh, how I loathe it.

  4. CricketB

    What, you’re not making them wash the dishes? We used to make six-year-olds at camp do them. Outside. With supervision and demonstration. Lots of demonstration. Sometimes paper dishes are worth it.

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