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Aug 23rd Blog Topic

Looking back, what minor event in you life made a major outcome on how things turned out?  

I’ll give you two, one good and one bad.

The bad: At summer camp just after we moved to Brooklyn, I was put into the wrong group on the first day. I should have been with the first graders and I was put with the kindergarteners. And that chance mixup ended up getting me targeted for bullying and harassment by the other kids in my school that didn’t end until I changed not only schools but school districts in 9th grade.

The good: by chance, I ended up seeing a promo for a cartoon called “Battle of the Planets.” I’d never seen it before in its first run. I knew nothing about it. But I watched it, and at some point or another, my imagination ran away with it.

I have always been a story-teller at heart, but this was the first time that fictional characters came along and devoured my psyche, to the point where I longed for them to be real, living people. I hoped there would be new episodes of BotP in Heaven, or maybe God would animate my little stories that I told myself about them and let me watch their world as if it were a show itself.

It went off the air, and I learned about loss, but I learned I could keep the stories in my heart. I learned to develop characters. In the end, I think it’s safe to say that seeing Battle of the Planets made me a writer.

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  1. Mary-LUE

    Great post. I can see just how those two events would have such an impact on you.

    EnnuiHerself sent me here.