it’s not without a peel

I’ve been trying for a few days now to come up with a snarky, sarcastic comment, as my weblog’s subheader indicates. I mean, if I can’t come up with a sarcastic remark for this, then I need to hang up my hat and call it a day. Right?

Yeah, I introduce to you, the Banana Bunker.

And after two days, still nothing clean to say comes to mind.

There’s even a helpful video all about it, for those of you who like to see your plastic packaging in action:

I just never anticipated a need to armor my bananas. Sometimes they get bruised up, sure, but for the most part, the little darlings get peeled and eaten, or peeled and baked, with nary a mishap.

You all have a solemn promise from me that I’m not purchasing these for everyday use, although I’m thinking maybe I need to have one on hand. Not to protect my bananas. For other reasons.

“Sit down, eat your dinner, and quit complaining or I’m going to stick a bunkered banana in your lunch bag!” / “But Mom!” / “You’d better watch out, Kiddo. She’ll do it” / “Well, fine. Humph.”

Ah, the marvels of modern technology, shielding our bananas and protecting family harmony.


  1. Jason Block

    Ok…I am a New Yorker…and there is no way I can come up with anything clean. So I will just keep my mouth shut and snicker…loudly.


  2. Capt Cardor

    Did you have a Freudian slip on a banana peel?

    Freud would have a field day with this one. Maybe a bunch of field days.

    Do these things keep bananas from splitting?

  3. Teresa

    My Christmas shopping is complete! Muahahahahaha!!

  4. blueraindrop

    um yeah… clean is a completely different question.

  5. ivyreisner

    What did you expect, though? First, it’s MoMA. Second, it’s made in China.

  6. knit_tgz

    Hm. Hmmm. Xmas present to my guy friends? (goes check if they ship internationally)