Meme: seven more things

Amy Deardon tagged me for a “seven random things about you” meme, and since I’ve already done one, I’m going to have to think of seven more things. Here we go…

1) I’m on Twitter now but I don’t enjoy it. It’s too noisy and it panders to my magpie mentality, plus it seems as if no one ever responds to anyone. It’s like one loud open-mike night and everyone has a different topic. I’m only there at all because my literary agent told me it was a good idea for publicity.

2) When we moved to Angelborough, the first building we located was the church, and the second was the library. The library now knows my family on sight and knows we go every Wednesday, but far fewer people go to the library than the church.

3) The first book I ever read by myself was called “Janie And The Giant.”

4) I have about 50 songs in a playlist on my iTunes, none of which I own but are songs I want to buy eventually.

5) I have a “phone phobia.” It’s very tough for me to call people on the phone. I’m not so good at answering either, but I’m less panicked about things if they call me.

6) Sometimes I have a dream with an angel in it, and I lie awake afterward wondering if it was “real.”

7) I need to update my blogroll to reflect weblogs I actually read.

This is a self-tagging meme because I’ve already tagged everyone I know. If you want to participate, please do so on your own weblog and then post a comment in my comment box directing readers to your response. Thanks!


  1. Amy Deardon

    I’m with you with the Twitter thing — I thought about it, but I’m too inundated with *stuff to do* already. All I want is to hide in a corner and finish my books…

  2. Ivy

    I have the opposite experience with Twitter. I chat back and forth with people all the time. It’s a blast.

  3. philangelus

    There’s so much traffic that it seems no one can possibly keep up with it all. Like trying to take a sip from a fire hydrant.

  4. Cricket

    You’re right about Twitter pandering to a magpie mentality. There are tons of messages when I just want a quick dip, and nothing when I have twenty minutes to kill. It’s a learning curve, and I often say, “That’s annoying! Oops, I did that myself just yesterday.” My blog entries are read more often if I announce them on Twitter, so it’s useful that way — useful to me, that is.

    Twitter is a more extreme, but leaner, version of other social networking sites and cell phone. We need to have them with us at all times, we need to post the minutiae of our lives, and we need to read everything that everyone else posts. High school students think nothing of $50/month for a smart phone and plan. It can become a vicious, time-sucking cycle.

    So far, I’ve learned (experience means I’ve made the mistake before) to only follow people I find interesting. I don’t follow people just because they traced through six degrees of separation and decided to follow me. If they want my attention, they can @ or Direct Message me. I may change my strategy if I need publicity, but then I’d find a way to separate “office hours” from “friends”.

  5. Ivy

    I follow everyone who follows me and everyone who seems interesting. I can quick filter at a glance and read what interests me. I’ve found out a lot of good information and met some fantastic people this way.

  6. Colleen Spiro

    I use Tweetdeck or organize who I follow. I can put people into groups and follow easier. Some groups I enjoy replying back and forth. Some give me great links where I learn about things – info, news, or how to write a blog better etc. I like being organized i guess and it is less confusing that way.
    My Catholic group usually inspires me.
    I am with you on Number 5. I have the same problem.