Weblog tour: a holiday memory

The weblog tour is back! Long live the weblog tour!

The new topic is a holiday memory. So let’s travel back in time to my days as a Neophyte Philangelus.

By this time I’d been talking to my guardian angel for about eight months, and as Christmas came up, I realized I was getting gifts for so many other people I loved, but there was no real way to give him a gift too. I wanted to, but it wasn’t something I could figure out.

If you think about it, an angel doesn’t need anything, and we’ve established already that angels don’t eat. I’m pretty imaginative, but I was at a loss. What do you give a being who has God?

I decided, eventually, more God.

Then, being a little insane, I decided to surprise him.

For a minute, I want you to imagine the impossibility of trying to surprise a being who is paying attention to me all the time, and for the record is smarter than I am. Clearly I was going to have to be sneaky in a record-breaking kind of way.

(This same situation becomes a plot-point in my romantic comedy, by the way. Back when I was 16, it seemed fool-proof, but that only proves God was looking out for fools. In the novel, it doesn’t work out very well, and I’d caution everyone else: don’t do the thing I did. Okay?)

Two weeks before Christmas, as I went to bed, I talked to my guardian about something that had happened earlier that day, and then pointed out how badly I’d messed it up. I told him I was sure the other person would NEVER forgive me.

Imagine me saying “never” the way a 16 year old does, when everything is either Never or Always. I worked up into a panic, and then I did something I used to do a lot: I asked him to go to that person and make sure it was all right. Just smooth things over if the other person was angry at me. Make sure it would be okay. Please? Please? And then, GO!!! (in that hyperactive way I had back then) Go now!!

I waited a moment.

I flew out of bed and darted into the kitchen and grabbed my mom. I whispered to her, “Buy me a mass card. For my guardian angel. For Christmas. It’s a surprise. Don’t talk about it again.”

Smooth, huh?

I fled back to my room and dived into bed into the same position I’d been in and started talking again. “I hope they’re not upset….” blah blah blah. Figuring, when he came back he’d think I’d just never stopped talking. Which, in those days, I probably never did.

A few days later, my mom told me, “I did what you asked,” and that was that.

Christmas Eve, as I put my presents under the tree, I saw the envelope with my name on it in my mom’s handwriting. I peeked inside and saw it was a mass card, and I left it there.

Christmas morning: everyone started opening presents, and as I took one, I thought toward my guardian, “And there’s one under the tree for you too, Angel!”

Later that day, when gifts were opened and we’d gone to church and dinner had been eaten, I went to stack all my presents in one place, and I looked for the card to keep it and put it in my ¬†journal with all my other angel-related stuff.

The card was gone.

I turned the house inside-out. I looked in all the gifts. My mother and I opened the paper trash and opened every bit of wrapping paper, hunting for that card, and we couldn’t find it. I looked over and over, and I was so disappointed that it was gone…until I realized, he’d taken it.

And I felt awesome: maybe I’d surprised him after all! And maybe he was glad about it.

Merry Christmas to all my readers, and have an awesome holiday. I won’t be posting on Boxing Day, but we’ll be back in business on December 27th.

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