Why angels deserve medals — part two

To: GuardianAngelSupport@godgroups.heavenlyhost.el
Subject: Make It Stop — part two

Hey, I couldn’t help hearing that your charge has been listening to the songs from Hank The Cowdog over and over again for the last, oh, week or so.

Those painful, slightly flat renditions of songs that kind of sound like traditional cowboy songs, with the exception that actual cowboy songs involve music…

Kind of makes you hunger for the days of Supercalafragilisticexpialidocious, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry about answering this email right away. It’s hard to type when you have your hands over your ears.

To: GuardianAngelSupport@godgroups.heavenlyhost.el
Subject: re: Make it stop — part two

Don’t laugh too hard. I’m going to see if I can inspire your charge to pick up her violin again. It’s been what, six weeks since the last time she played? Have you got an entire bottle of Excedrin? Because based on what I heard last time, you’re going to need it.

Yes, I’m mean. No, I don’t care right now. Why oh why didn’t you make good on your threat to give her an ABBA CD?