And Creationism wins!

Chuck Norris
more lol celebs!


  1. capt_carder

    There are Dar-winners and Dar-losers!

  2. I just wrote this for fun, then searched the term Chuck Norris carrot for a pic to add to it, thus finding this...thx

    4000 years ago when the dinosaurs ruled the southern hemisphere, there was a man. His name was Chuck Norris. He was a grave digger for all the dinosaurs. He slowly killed off each dinosaur species, and being a true man, ate all of the usable parts of the kill. He then sold the bones to the ancient race of Antarcticans, who sold them for plants. Those graves were never used, he dug so many graves. And now Chuck Norris sleeps on his Total Gym, until the day that the dinosaurs rule the world again.

    1. philangelus

      That’s cute. But would Chuck Norris kill off the dinosaurs…or would he just tame them so he’d be able to drive around in a chariot pulled by a pair of T-rexes? 😉