More on Kiddo#3

This is absolutely, totally my son:

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I’m sorry, but with school vacation beginning and guests arriving today, I have no inspiration. That and edit hell and all. I’ll try and get a real blog entry up tomorrow. Or later on.


  1. karen ^.,.^

    i love that picture!! i think that’s actually a blueprint for my life plan. sorta scary, huh?

  2. cricketB

    People with ADHD make better entrepreneurs. They’re more comfortable with instability, risk and change. So, years from now, your child will be the one who looks at the “same old way” that isn’t working, and starts doing things a new way.

    1. philangelus

      I don’t know if Kiddo#3 has ADHD. Right now he’s only got Give His Mother A Heartattackitis.

      The other day he was out in in the lawn, playing, and wanted to see what would happen if he threw a rock straight up into the air.

      NOTE: you cannot catch such a rock with the top of your head. Just so you know.

      1. cricketB

        Oops. Totally phrased that wrong. Mixed up the source of the idea with the actual idea. It’s not always a bad thing to be willing to take risks, although I agree with his Mom that one should think through them a bit more first.

        1. philangelus

          He may have ADHD. But I think it’s more Generalized Enthusiasm Disorder. 🙂

          The thing is: he doesn’t consider these things risky. When he does think something is dangerous, he won’t do it. He just thinks many things aren’t dangerous because they’re also fun.

  3. MysteryNurse

    That’s great. I totally stole it to post on facebook.

    Your blog is really helping get me through the recovery from my surgery last week. :o)

    1. MysteryNurse

      Sorry, that’s meant to be a 🙂

      1. philangelus

        Aww, feel better soon! I wish I had made that LOLcat, but sadly, I’m limited to thievery for the funny stuff.

  4. Amy Deardon


  5. Ken Rolph

    This cat should give business seminars. It could tell all those hopeful executives, “Focus on the task at hand. Don’t get distracted by what is going on in the world. If you believe you can do the job intensely enough then it will all work out”.

    Then we end up with a GFC (Great Feline Catastrophe) and wonder how we got there.

    1. philangelus

      I’d make a wiseacre remark in response, but you’re right.

  6. Ken Rolph

    American comedy is based on the wisecrack. You may not have thought about that directly. That’s why muppets work. They are mostly a very large talking mouth.

    I will devote the rest of the day trying to imagine you as a kind of feline muppet. Some wiseacre remark may offer itself.

    1. philangelus

      What is Australian humor based on? I figured the wisecrack was the center of everything.

      And just so you know, I *am* a female muppet. You can hide anything over the internet, but I guess your sharp powers of perception defeated my nefarious subterfuge.