Ivy wanted to know why I hadn’t been blogging about my knitting. Answer: because with all the writing, I hadn’t been doing much of it!

For Christmas, you remember I knit my husband a sock. *sigh*  I finished the second sock in mid-January, and then I got to work on the sock yarn he’d gotten me for Christmas. He wanted me to make a pair of socks for myself for once.

Remember it’s impossible for me to knit for me.

Well, here it is, JUNE, nearly the end of June in fact, and I finally got the socks finished.


They’ve got beads. They’ve got lace. They’ve got ladders. They’ve got mistakes (including one very stupid mistake I didn’t realize until I was weaving in the ends.)  They’re a little too big but that’s okay: I think they’ll shrink over time.

I’ve also got no yarn mojo right now. I’m working on finishing up a prayer shawl I started two years ago, but that’s more because I feel like I should be doing something rather than because I want to.

But really, I’ve got socks. Socks I made for myself.


  1. Illya

    Love the socks. But the photo does not do them justice. Beautiful

  2. whiskers

    Oh, they’re lovely!

  3. Nina

    Cool socks! Now I just need to get with the program and get me some… hoo-hah hiders. Because I buy them for everyone else and not me.

    3674684674 pairs of Gerber Training Pants for The Boy? Check.
    3674684674 pairs of My Little Pony and Disney Princess butt-covers for The Middle Child? Check.
    3674684674 pairs of Microfiber butt-covers in all sorts of cool colors and patterns for The Alpha Child? Check.
    3674684674 pairs of various and sundry Junk Storage Units for the King of the Castle? Check.
    But me? Mine are so holey, I should be sainted. Or something.

  4. cricketB

    Awesome socks! Socks to be proud of. And there’s nothing wrong with sometimes doing what you feel you should be doing — if nothing else, it gets it off the list. (You should see some of my todo lists — Row 1 (check). Row 2 (check). Row 3 (half-a-check).)