Interwoven threads

In the last week, I’ve had a bug to read some of my journals from a few years ago. Because, as Oscar Wilde says, “I need something scandalous to read.”

That or, “Diaries are personal and private and therefore suitable only for publication.” And think, Wilde wrote that a hundred years before weblogs!


My point, since I had one, is that it surprises me when I read the whole book at once to see how God wove together situations that seemed unrelated at the time in order to resolve them both.

I’ll be vague because at least one of the situations involves someone else, and I don’t think it would be right to share that person’s private details.

In one case, I had a question that had been bothering me but which wasn’t pressing. I asked my guardian angel to find out the answer, and I said, “I know you probably can’t or shouldn’t tell me. But I want to know in my heart that at least you know.”  I thought I felt a reply that, really, God knew it regardless. And I said yes, but I wanted to feel the information was closer to home.

Nine days later, the journal records a rather intense and strange happening amazing enough that I went right to the computer and inflicted an account on Wendy and Ivy. 🙂

It wasn’t until I re-read the journal this week that I realized the strange happening was actually the answer to the question. In the footsteps of Indiana Jones’ father, once I’d written it down, I didn’t have to remember it any longer.

Another journal is more impressive. There’s a series of interlocking events, seemingly unrelated, that add up to a resolution more tightly-plotted than anything I’ve ever written. Maybe God knows that as an author, I’ll appreciate it, so he shows off a little for me. 🙂

There’s a holiday event gone bad, followed by me asking a question of the other person (which the person answers in a way that hurts my feelings) followed by a lighthearted episode. That’s followed by me rephrasing the question, the person finding the rephrased question actually helps frame a larger issue in a helpful way, then some speculation, and then suddenly the stuff from the holiday-gone-bad gets resolved and the question gets answered in an improbable way.

The events in that journal are like a bunch of interweaving threads, a braid, only I wasn’t directing it and I’m fairly certain the other person didn’t want it to go in the direction it did.

Which means God had it under control the whole time because it worked out so perfectly. I couldn’t see it at all when I was in the thick of things.