tasty fud

Tuesday morning, I prayed the rosary with a sick baby in bed with me, two cats curled up on either side, and a strange bird singing just outside the window.

I’m not an ornithologist, but I recognize the commonly-heard bird calls here just from habituation. This one was new, more trilling. I can never see the birds that are singing, by the way. I look in their general direction and see, effectively, a singing tree.

Kiddo#1 came in to tell me Kiddo#3 “was lost on the couch” (ie, he’d fallen asleep because he’s battling being sick too) and heard the bird. Meanwhile, he started petting the cat.

Speaking as if I were Jerina, I said, “If you would let me outside, I would eat that singing bird.”

Kiddo#1 didn’t miss a beat. In a squeaky voice (which he also uses for the baby) he said, “It sounds beautiful, so it must taste wonderful.”

I said, “My fud has a song.”

I laughed. He then said, “Jerina, we don’t eat singing food.”

I said, again as Jerina, “It would not be singing by the time I eated it.”

He laughed. It’s good to talk LOLcat with your kid.


  1. Jason Block

    Kittehs r grate to talk 2. 🙂

  2. capt_cardor

    My kittehs no all, tel nuthin.

  3. Promise

    LOL, we talk to our kitty, Mouse (he’s a wee gray tabby), in lolcat, because logically, he understands that better than proper English! 🙂

    Unfortunately, most days, the cat is the only one I speak to (DH works waaaay too much), and it’s causing me to slip into lolcat when talking to humans. sigh.

    1. philangelus

      I’ve *prayed* in LOLcat. I figure God understands, but there must be angels around the Throne of the Most High who have tears in their eyes and stitches in their sides as they present my eloquence to the Lord.

      “Sinful cat iz sorry. I can haz furgiveness?”

  4. capt_cardor

    Ceiling Cat sez “Iz ok. Only catz iz purrfect”.

    1. philangelus

      ‘Cept for Basement Cat, who thinkz I stoopid and tastee. 🙁

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