prayer request – writing

The novel I wrote from January – April and edited from May to August is now being queried around. Please say a prayer that God guides the manuscript where it needs to go.

And yes, sometimes the manuscript needs to go in the trash. I’ve experienced that before. This is a little cause, but I’d like to ask for prayer anyhow. Thanks.


  1. Diana

    Definitely praying for you.

    1. philangelus

      Thank you. I’m so blasted nervous, and I shouldn’t be. :-b

  2. Lane in PA

    Will be praying for you. Don’t be nervous, God has given you a beautiful talent and you have honored Him through using that talent.

    Isn’t there a parable in the Bible about the Three Talents?

    1. philangelus

      Yeah, but you’ll notice that Jesus never talked about the servant who invested the talent and lost it in the vagaries of the financial markets. That’s always what I feel like.

      That parable just kind of assumes that if you do the work God gives you, that it’s definitely going to be blessed. Whereas sometimes I feel like God gave me this awesome gift of being able to write, and I’ve loused it all up and he’s going to have to sneak me into Heaven by the back door and promise not to tell anyone I’m there. :-b

  3. cricketB

    Prayers added. I used to feel like little things like this were wasting His time, but now I think that sometimes He likes a few easy, low-stress requests.