Rosary mania!

I got an email from, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Catholic Company, which gives me free books for review. I’m just saying.

They recently bought the domain, Before then, it

was owned by a
spammer who had abused the site to the point that Google would no longer even list it in its directory. […] We purchased about a month ago, and we have been working feverishly since then to turn it into the world’s leading rosary site dedicated to Our Lady. We have started with developing the world’s leading rosary store, since we do stores well (and we have a big loan to pay off). However, we will be adding more content and resource areas before the official launch to make a true resource for everything related to the Rosary. We will also be adding many rosary-making supplies and custom-made rosaries in the near future.

So yeah, I’m participating in a google-bomb because I’m all for helping people pay off a big loan. Plus, as you know, I’m a dyed-in-the-wool between-the-beader.

I prowled their site before it went live (I’m not a hacker — they told me how) and it looks nice and is easily-navigated. They had a nice selection, if a bit overkill. For example, the first rosary I came across was something like twelve hundred dollars. Mom and I used to joke that you got more graces with a gold rosary than a plastic one, but its just a joke. Really. At least once a week, I end up using my fingers. More hunting turned up the rosaries for real humans with real budgets.

This rosary store also sells books, audio and video. They have rosary cases, single-decade rosaries, and rosaries made out of all sorts of materials. They had a St. Michael chaplet, in case I need to replace mine after my sacrilegious cat drags it away again. It was a nice selection, and if I weren’t full-up on rosariesright now, I might be tempted. There’s a book I’ve got my eye on, actually. At the time I prowled around, they didn’t yet have the rosary-making materials.

Check it out. 🙂