The winner of the 100,000 hit party is…

Diana.  🙂  I’ve emailed her already and will get her signed book out to her as soon as I get to the Post Offal.

Thank you all for showing up and having fun!  I honestly couldn’t run this weblog without all the fun conversation/debating/snickering that happens in the comment box. The sound of one hand clapping is nice and all that, but the conversation here is the sound of engagement and community and friendship and fun and respect.

Thanks again!


  1. Diana

    yay me!

  2. Lane in PA

    Congratulations Diana!!!

  3. Teresa

    Congrats Diana!

    Doesn’t one hand clapping sound like “cl-“?

    (my apologies to Terry Pratchett)

  4. Tadj

    Congratulations Diana!