Update to prayer requests

The baby whose heart stopped immediately after birth was hooked up to a heart-lung machine (ECMO) the next morning. The purpose of this machine is to take over the job of the heart and lungs while the baby remains sedated, the machine doing all the work so his body can heal.

The mother writes on the baby’s Caringbridge page that he

may be well enough to go off ECMO tomorrow – or even today!!! This is truly a miracle!! I am scared to have try to go it alone but this is huge, huge, huge!

Please keep praying for him! What a little fighter. 🙂

The three year old with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia also has a Caringbridge page, and on that page, her parents write:

{Her} big procedure will be on Monday at 7 a.m. She’ll have a bone marrow aspiration, a spinal tap and a central line catheter implanted in her chest. That bone marrow aspiration and spinal tap will tell us how far her leukemia has spread. We are praying for good news! She’ll also get her first round of chemo on Monday.

Pray for smooth procedures, calm for {the little girl} and her parents, and side-effect-free chemo!

I’ll update further as events warrant, and in the meantime, thank you all for your prayers. Also, if you don’t mind, prayers for one Deacon Rod, who is in the final days of his struggle with cancer, for a peaceful and holy death.


  1. Jen (Deacon Rod's daughter)

    Thank you so much for the prayer request for my dad. He was visibly agitated yesterday, with what I would describe as a spiritual battle. After anointing of the sick, he was completely peaceful; prayers that his anxiety may be relieved and that his victory over cancer will be complete soon.