Wasp versus the angel, round two

About a year before yesterday’s battle royale between a guardian angel and a wasp, we had the warmup version.

It was early spring, 2006. I had the kids out in the front yard and I was clearing the flower garden alongside our front walk. Kiddo#3 was only two, and there was no Kiddo#4 as yet. He was playing up and down the walkway while I weeded.

A bumblebee the size of a helicopter* came over our garden and hovered over my flower garden. I never used to be afraid of bees, but one just like that had stung me without provocation the year before, so I froze in place. The thing circled around, and then it went down toward Kiddo#3.

I thought to my guardian, “Can you take care of that? So it doesn’t sting me? Or Kiddo#3?”

As if by remote control, the bee shot straight up into the air about six feet, then made “a beeline” directly across the street to my neighbors’ well-cultivated and nicely blooming flowerbed.

“Thank you!” I thought.

A minute later, “Thank you! That was awesome!”

An hour later, giggling, “Thank you! That was really neat! Thanks!”

When five hours later I still would get a silly grin and think, “Thank you! That was just amazing!” I felt a response: It really wasn’t that hard, you know.

And I thought back, “Well, I couldn’t have done it.”

Fast-forward three months. I was again outside with the Kiddos, working in the yard, when I noticed my neighbors’ rottweiler puppy (which was probably about 80 pounds at that point and had previously accosted my children in their own yard) running loose in the street.

I’m very smart. I thought, “Angel, can you keep that thing away from us?”

And then I thought, “Why am I being stupid?” and I took the Kiddos inside.

Within a few minutes, my normally oblivious neighbors did, in fact, come get their dog out of the street. Because sometimes it is good to have your guardian angel take care of things, but sometimes it’s better to take care of your own part.

* slight exaggeration; it was slightly smaller than your average helicopter, but it seemed to make as much noise.


  1. Victor S E Moubarak

    I’m not afraid of wasps but very wary of them. A couple of years ago I entered the greenhouse at the bottom of the garden to water some plants I had there. I shut the door behind me to keep the warmth in. I opened the drawer of a small table I had there and inadvertantly put my hand into a wasps’ nest. Why would they nest in such a place …

    They all came out together and I was trapped inside the greenhouse with hundreds of them. I shot out through the closed glass door, breaking it off its holding position, and into the garden. I got stung several times in the arms and hands.

    Luckily, I was not allergic and did not go into shock; and survived to tell the tale.

    My guardian angel did not get stung once. He stood there laughing!

    1. philangelus

      I would hope the angel wasn’t actually laughing, unless it was that helpless-with-relief laugh you get when something terrible is over.