Monthly Archive: November 2009

The dry spell

I had a worrysome encounter on Twitter, and I thought it ought to go public. I’m following (and being followed by) a large assortment of people, one of whom speculated aloud that some folks probably leave church disappointed because they’re…
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thou vile wyrm

Imagine my surprise to find, along with the hairball horked up on my bed, a single coiled white worm. Yep, somehow my indoor-only, pouch-food-fed, flea-free cats managed to pick up roundworms. People have tried to tell me it’s because the…
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I wish —

I wish I could go to the doctor for an ultrasound of my soul. “Hey, look! it’s right where it should be. Development is a little small over here. I need a better picture of that part…your patience is a…
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