update on The Boys Upstairs

I’m sorry to report that the owner of Lilley Press, which was scheduled to publish my novella The Boys Upstairs as an ebook this Thanksgiving, has decided to close the press.

I’m glad for the experience of working with their editors and their artist, and sorry we don’t have a product to show at the end of it. But I wish them well.


  1. karen ^.,.^

    oh Jane, i’m so very sorry! bless you for your positive approach to this, i know it must be painfully disappointing, though. ((hugs))

  2. capt_cardor


  3. Julie D.

    My condolences …

  4. Lane in PA

    Jane, there is a reason for this setback, and I urge you to push on, and look for another publisher. You are such an excellent writer, I have no doubt at all that you will find the right path to have your book published.

  5. Lane in PA

    Um, the name of the novel is “The Boys Upstairs”? Did you write about a fraternity? An apartment building? Vampires in the attic?

    Change it. That is so not your style.

    You were agonizing on the title earlier — ask yourself what the core meaning of the book is. Find the title from that.

    Cormak McCarthy named his last novel simply, “The Road”. It’s about a road to survival. It’s been made into a movie.

    Is there a favorite sentence in your novel that you love that could be made into a title?

    I have begun writing about my mother’s mental illness and abusiveness, and because of something she did every spring to keep the lawn picture perfect, I titled my story, “The Wren’s Nest”.

    1. philangelus

      No, Lane, the novel is bouncing around among titles now (String Fusion, You Can’t Eat CakeWith A Tuning Fork, Viola Jokes.)

      This is the Christmas novella that was due out in two weeks, about a crippled priest who’s housing homeless kids in the rectory, and his estranged brother who is a police officer who brings three more to him only two days before Christmas. The children become the heart of the parish community, and the two brothers by working together for the sake of the kids begin to take another look at the things that were separating them.

      The children upstairs ARE the heart of the novella.

      1. Lane in PA

        In no way did I intend to criticize the title in a mocking manner. I am aware of “String Fusion” et al, options. I’ve read your blog. And as a reader of books, “The Boys Upstairs” gives me not much on which to make a decision on what the story is about.

        I apologize for offering my opinion. Because I really do hold your writing in high esteem, and I wish only that your book be published and met with the success it deserves.

  6. Promise

    Oh, Jane I’m so sorry! I was really looking forward to reading it, too!

  7. Diinzumo

    Well, [deleted].

    I’m sorry about this setback; however, I think there will be another home for this story. I can’t imagine it not getting published.