yarn mojo: recovered

A while ago I posted that I had no yarn mojo left, no urge to knit, no nothing. Well, it’s back. Ivy says cold weather makes people want to knit. I think it was Christmas.

I made a couple of items for gifts, and right after that I found the Yarn Harlot’s free pattern for An Unoriginal Hat, which just happened to work on the same yarn and needles I’d used on the project I was finishing up. Even the gauge was right for once. (Because God looks out for fools, drunks, the United States of America, and me.) It finished up in about two days, at which point I made another one.

My daughter is going to a Girl Scout Cookie Selling Kickoff this week, and the troop leader is going to be collecting cold-weather clothing at the event to donate to the place I donated last February. Awesome, right? She said I could donate knitted things, so I decided to send along as many hats as I could make before then.

Except after two hats (my first cabled project ever) I didn’t feel like making a third. Instead I found myself looking at my leftover yarn bag and thinking, “There’s a scarf in there.”

And so there was. I was able to use Ivy’s pattern for a self-fringing scarf and with the leftovers of five different projects, I made a scarf for a child. Without intending to, I’d used colors on four of the five projects that blended really well together (and the last one worked okay anyhow.)

Here’s the total donation for the shelter:

And here, because I’m pleased with the whole “cabling” experiment, is my first cabled hat (you can click if you want to see it larger).

They’re tagged and bagged and waiting to go. My next project is a pair of socks for Kiddo#1, whom I’m pleased to say wants ankle socks (because they’re cooler) and therefore won’t require as much knitting as he would if it were cool to wear mid-thigh-high socks.


  1. Ivy

    I’m laughing that you did a black and white unoriginal hat.

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/ivyreisner/4210113600/ is mine.

    1. philangelus

      That’s funny! Mine is really more grey and white in person. And it’s just the yarn I happened to have on hand. 🙂

  2. Ivy

    Mine was from leftover yarn as well. 🙂

  3. Ken Rolph

    That’s a nice ancient red you have there. I’m always on the lookout for that colour. Most reds tend to be too orange. I don’t knit, but I do make rugs. What you have on hand may be a great inspiration and take you in directions you couldn’t have anticipated.

    I really got inspired after Christmas to push the current rug to its end. But I ran right out of cream bits and am now waiting on some New Zealand sheep to get their act together. Serves me right for basing a whole rug on what I found on the clearance table.