That weird old lady

A few of my friends have at times confided in me that they long for the day they will be thought of as “That Weird Old Lady.” After becoming “That Mom” (sigh) I figure I’m well on my way to TWOLdom myself.

Last Sunday, while the youngest two Kiddos flailed in desperation for the perfect stuffed animal to bring to church (“No! Not the giraffe! I need to bring the fish!”) it occurred to me that there might be something to it.

A stuffed lovey may be just the thing for the times you need a little confidence to get through something emotional. I actually did bring my son’s stuffed cat (it used to be mine) to the dentist after the episode where the dentist used the blow torch…and it helped. I kept visualizing my own cat on my chest looking into my eyes while I had my hands wrapped around the stuffed kitty.

My older two Kiddos are of an age where they are no longer allowed to bring a little friend with them to church. But I bet that after a certain age, you’re allowed to do that again.

It’s not just age, though. Most likely your personality has something to do with it. For example, my mother-in-law loves cute things. She makes no secret of the fact that she loves cute things, and therefore, if she were to bring a stuffed animal to church, no one would think twice. It would be a lovable quirk.

Whereas my own mother has a reputation as the level-headed problem-solver, and if she were to bring a stuffed animal to church, those who know her would either think she’d lost track of a grandchild (who should be attached to the stuffie) or she’d lost her mind. (Sorry, Mom. It’s true.)

Clearly I’ve got some work to do if I’m to bring a stuffed animal to church at any point in the future. I’ll need to carefully lay the groundwork, and maybe start small with little stuffed animal pins on my coat, and then maybe one peeking out of my handbag attached to my key ring, and only later will I be the weird old lady who sits through an entire Mass with a stuffed animal on her lap. (How about one of these guys? Aren’t they too cute?)

Assuming my Patient Husband will be seen with me.

Assuming he’s not sitting there with a stuffed dragon himself.


    1. philangelus
      1. cricketB

        Hey, those use the same needles I might need by the end of my shawl. Two projects would justify a nice set from that company, right? Foxes plus needles plus a book or three would bring it up to free shipping.

  1. blueraindrop

    actually, i used to sit my little webkinz pink dragon in my cubby at work… sort of a comfort/encouragement thing… but more a stress relief coping with idiots on the phones thing.

    my boss patted her a few times, but never really said anything about it.

    most people usually only put up pics of their kids, if they bothered to bring anything. soft petable dragon works much better for anger management. sort of pet therapy… without the real pet.

    1. philangelus

      I don’t remember if I had one on my work desk. The difference would be, I’d want to have it on my lap, not just decorating my desk. LOL!

      You never get too old to play wiht stuffed animals.

  2. colleen

    Too cute! Thanks.

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