a couple of contests

Just a couple of contests I want to mention:

Creepy Query Girl is running a query spoof contest: write the worst possibly query letter you can for an acclaimed book; she needs to be able to recognize what book you’re talking about.

And if you can make someone laugh in 500 words or fewer, enter The Contest That Imploded Your Brain, which looks to be a lot of fun and has some awesome prizes.

That is all. Enjoy!


  1. T. H. Mafi

    aww yay!! thanks for the linkage!

    also — yes, i’d prefer if it were original! it’s supposed to be like a spoof of how we became best friends. 😀


    thanks so much!!

    1. philangelus

      Gotcha. I couldn’t find it there and in my stupidly-tired state I couldn’t figure it out! LOL!