Energy Star: how it works

Kiddo#1 wrote this as an exercise for class, and usually they get a check mark, but this got a check-plus and an exclamation point. He’s quite proud of it, so today, he’s our guest-blogger.

Energy Star

This morning, Dad goes down to get his favorite Lord of the Rings(tm) mug. He opens the dishwasher and finds a broken plate and the mug with more crud on it than there was before. Success! The Energy Star dishwasher has saved energy by reducing the number of dishes it has to wash. And also by reducing the amount of energy it uses in the job.

Next I go to get a shirt from the dryer. I open the door and inhale that great smell of  … wet musty clothes? Another success! The Energy Star dryer has saved energy by not performing the job it was supposed to.

Now I know how the Energy Star appliances save energy.


  1. Jason Block

    Good job K1! You have inherited a wicked sense of humor! Excellent work!

    1. philangelus

      He was laughing so hard when he told me about it.

  2. Mary Nicewarner

    Now I wonder where he got that, Jane ? Passed down in your gene pool I would guess! It was great!

    1. philangelus

      I think his Patient Father has more of the silly side of the sense of humor than I do. I’m more caustic. 🙂

  3. Kaci

    Haha. Nice. Very nice.

  4. capt_cardor

    How come his teacher didn’t give him a Gold (energy) Star?

    In my day, we had to deal with what was wryly called, “Planned obsolescence”. Things were made to fail so that you would have to buy another.

    Nowadays they put an energy star on something that is low grade in order to get you to pay more and then feel good about it.

    Ah, sweet capitalism!

  5. Cricket

    I love it! We’re still on the major appliances we bought in 1993, and not looking forward to replacing them. We use a power meter on the fridge every year or two. At $85/year, the new one would need to use negative energy and last a decade to be worth replacing the old one. My microwave is from 1987.

    1. Meghan

      I’m from 1987! Ha ha. My earliest memory of my grandfather is him telling me not to stand in front of the microwave because it would melt my brain.

      Maybe Energy Star Microwaves just reduce your brain to something semi-gelatinous. That would save the potential energy from converting into kinetic energy as your brains run out your ears…

      1. Cricket

        Rethinking, it would have been 1989, the year after meeting OneBitCPU, when I had my own apartment.