Same radio, different worlds

A few weeks ago, when I took the highway to Ten Miles Away to get my violin fixed, Kiddo#3 suddenly let out a gasp. “What’s that?”

That was, it turned out, a radio tower, standing to a height of what appeared to be half a mile in the air.

“What is it for?” he said.

This was cool, I thought. About seven years ago, I had the opportunity to explain radios to Kiddo#1. We had traveled to New York City by car, and while there I turned the car radio to the news station for weather and traffic updates.

A terrified note came to his voice “But that’s no good, Mom! Those stations are going to give the weather three hundred miles away!”

So my Patient Husband and I explained the concept of the radio signal, and how they only go so far, and how when you’re in New York, the stations your radio picks up are New York stations because those are the towers to which you’re closest.

His verdict: a hushed Wow.

That’s why when Kiddo#3 asked about the radio towers, I had a warm feeling while I explained to him the same way I’d explained to his brother. After I finished, I waited for that same wow moment.

Kiddo#3 spoke in a hushed tone. “Someday, I want to climb that tower.”

Of course. Miracle of modern science, or just a fun climb? Two boys, two different universes.

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  1. knit_tgz

    I would probably be like Kiddo #1… My brother would probably want to try and build one (he who became an engineer) Children are great!

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