Guest blogging

Hi! I’ve been invited to guest-blog over at the QueryTracker blog, so every so often I may redirect my writing-related posts over to there. In fact, I’ll direct you over there today for my first guest-blog entry. (Forgive me, but my italics got stripped out of the formatting. I think it’s still readable.)

On my own personal writing-related front, I’ve been editing, editing, editing. I paused in rewriting the string quartet novel because when I signed with my literary agent, she cited specific changes that would make Honest And For True a better book (and she was absolutely on-target, by the way.) In the middle of that, though, I had to pause in order to complete the edits on The Boys Upstairs. After I finished with both of those, I needed to clean up the first three chapters of the sequel to Honest And For True (yes, there is one), at which point I felt more than ready to actually write something again.

And of course, then I got the galleys for The Boys Upstairs, so my writing is still limited to blog posts.

I love being this busy because it means the writing is going somewhere. It means, however, that I don’t post here every single day, and for that I am sorry because I like hearing from you guys.

At some point, though, I’m looking forward to a moment when the calendar clears–when all the edits are out of the way and I can sit down and write. It’s making me a little crazy that I can’t.

In the meantime, if you are a writer or love a writer, please check out another writer’s commentary on what it’s like to date a writer or be married to one. My Patient Husband gave a few painful chuckles and one flinch while reading it.

And now, back to proofreading.


  1. cricketB

    Great guest blog. I like the “truth about dating a writer,” too. I should write one of those about dating an engineer.

  2. The Sojourner

    That article made me laugh out loud. (And loosened up my brain, which is all tight-feeling from speed-writing a rather heavy theology paper this morning.) I am showing it to the Boyfriend now.