the funny post that wasn’t

This morning, we laughed so hard about something that I was crying and couldn’t breathe, and just as I thought it would make a great blog post, my Patient Husband said, “You can’t post this on your blog, you know.”


No, not even a little.

Sorry. So instead, here are some pictures from our trip a few weeks ago. They’re not nearly as funny.

I hope.

Sometimes on vacation, you can play and have fun.

Sometimes your parents put you to work panning for gold.

Sometimes that doesn’t work out so well, and you get devoured by a t-rex. Oops.

Sometimes your parents blast you out into deep space because you asked too many questions.

And sometimes you have silly fun with a camera in your hotel room. But not as silly as the thing we said over breakfast, sadly. You’ll just have to wonder forever what it was.


  1. Jason Block

    The fam looks great!