shocking and shameful!

Kiddo#4, my tender three year old, has been exposed to dirty books. From the public library no less.

Kiddo#4: Mom? We go library today and get a dirty book!

I’m fairly open-minded, and I believe a three-year-old is fully capable of selecting his own library books, as was my mother before me, so I said…

Me: Of course, sweetie.

Shameful and shocking. But it’s a great book, and I’m going to go out on a limb and recommend it.  Now if only my branch can locate their copy of “I Stink,” my kiddo will be totally thrilled.

Although I wish he hadn’t declared the above as we were leaving the Post Offal.


  1. Monica


  2. Kate

    I haven’t seen that one! But our library does have “I Stink” and predictably my boys like it. Also predictably, though much less charming, my 6 yo found the Captain Underpants books. Ugh.

    1. cricketB

      The Captain Underpants books grow on you, although it’s a relief when your kids reach the age when they realize it only works in comics.

      1. philangelus

        We’ve managed never to have to deal with that so far, although I have two boys to go and Kiddo#3 is their ideal audience.

        I had to *request* I Stink from the library because the Angelborough branch has lost theirs. But I’m Dirty and I’m Mighty are soooo cute. McMullan really gets into the minds of the trucks, and the trucks are so in love with what they do. (I love the little drawing on the back cover of I’m Dirty, too. Poor bucket loader.)

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