A cute Christmas story

This isn’t mine. I think it belongs originally to one of the moms from the anencephaly support group, from about eight years ago. If anyone can identify the original owner of the story, go ahead and let me know in the comments.

The person who told the story said approximately the following:

T’was the night before Christmas when she and her daughter were wrapping gifts for family members. They had a cat, and the cat was also going to get a present, a catnip mousie with strong-smelling catnip. They wrapped it, and the daughter wrote the cat’s name on the tag. With all the gifts under the tree, they shut the lights and went to bed.

In the morning, she awakened to hearing thumping downstairs. She and her daughter went down to the tree and found the cat with the catnip mouse, going to town in that wide-eyed-and-spacey way cats get when they’re totally high on the catnip smell. The cat had shredded the paper the catnip mouse was packaged in, and wrapping paper bits were everywhere. All the other presents were untouched.

The mother stood there saying to herself, Stupid, stupid, stupid…

Beside her, the daughter gasped in awe. She whispered, “Mommy! I didn’t know Mittens could read!


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  2. Amy Deardon

    This is TOO FUNNY! Happy new year.

  3. crescentgaia

    So cute! Thank you for sharing. 🙂