Maternal Treachery

Because I can’t find my camera cord, you’re not getting pictures of the Still Unnamed Kitten today. I’m hoping for tomorrow. Today you get a tale of treachery gone awry.

Kiddo4 hates having his hair cut. His first haircut went really well, but his second one — not so much. I snipped one little bit off and he started to sob. “Put it back! Put it back!”  So I had to dutifully pretend to put it back on his head, and from then on, whenever his hair has gotten down to his ankles, I’ve had to resort to foul treachery.

That’s an old picture, but still. And it’s always worked out fine, except for the times he’s awakened when I rolled him over to get the second side, and for several hours he’s walked around wearing half a haircut.

And he never questioned it even when he found the fistful of hair in the garbage can. I guess he figured hair just sheds.

Ah, but now he’s going to school.

I cut his hair on the 8th of January after he had developed an amazing resemblance to Cousin Itt.

He didn’t seem to care. (Please note: I’m posting this now without the AFTER picture in an attempt to magically make the camera cord reappear.)

Hey, look -- the household magic worked!

On Tuesday, after I took him home from preschool, he said to me, “Do I have a haircut?”

It hadn’t occurred to me that half the reason he didn’t object to these sleep-shearings was that no one ever mentioned them to him. If they said anything at all, they said it to me. Ah, but now he’s going to school, and people are talking directly to him. “Oh, Kiddo4, when did you get that haircut?” “Hey, Kiddo4, nice haircut! Did you get that over Christmas vacation?”

Suddenly he needs to respond to a change in something he can’t see. And thus, after four days of this, he started asking and asking, accusingly at the dinner table, “Did I get a haircut at vacation?”

Mom’s treachery has been discovered. Sort-of. I’m still not sure he understands what I did to him, but he knows I did something, and he’s pretty sure if he could figure out what it was, he wouldn’t like it very much.


  1. Monica

    Yep, those wheels are turning in his mind. By the time you have to cut his hair again, you might need a Plan B in your back pocket.

    I never noticed before how much he and Kiddo 2 look alike.

    Cute Cranberry kitten!

    1. philangelus

      We’ve got a few Kiddo2 pictures that my Patient Husband calls Kiddo4 In A Dress. 🙂 They’re nearly identical. Even funnier, I just was given a picture of my brother at age five or six where he looks just like both of them, and yet I’d never made the connection before.

      I’m not sure what we’ll do the next time he needs a haircut, although since he’s asleep when I do it, he won’t have a choice.

  2. Lorraine E. Castro

    I am writing a comment that’s not for attribution and really none of my business. I wanted to tell you as a therapist, seeing your latest photo, I have some concerns for you. Your eyes look very tentative. By that, I mean you don’t look confident and strong. Take an objective look and see if you don’t get the idea you have rather a pleading look about you.

    If you don’t agree, shoot me. I’m sorry to even bring it up but I love your blog and want you to be as successful as possible.

    1. philangelus

      What photo? I don’t think I’ve posted a photo of myself on this blog in two and a half years. 🙂

  3. Amy Deardon

    Pretty funny with the haircut 🙂 I wonder if it’s boys? The first time my son went for a haircut he was about two, and started screaming as soon as he was put into the chair. I said, “don’t you want to look handsome?” Wrong question. The barber cut quickly through the screams. Son definitely looked better after, but at what price???

  4. Sara Ann Denson

    Oh I did midnight haircuts with my boys. Good memories tho it didn’t start off so well! My youngest was fine with haircuts until a lady at a cost-saving hair place accidentally cut his ear. I had to give him midnight cuts for quite awhile, but it turned out to work well. Thanks for bringing back the good part of the memories! Cute story!