Independence Park Needs Us!

Jason Block (whom you know from the comments as well as the fact that he was on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire) alerted me to this:

So here’s the scoop: there is ONE (count it) park in Indiana that is fully handicapped-accessible. So accessible that even kids in wheel-chairs can use the specially-modified swings, and they have a special musical-instrument area for children on the autism spectrum.

This park wants to expand, so they’re hosting a Battle Of The Bands this Saturday.  Jason Block is going to be their emcee.

So first off: wish Jason luck.

Secondly: they’ll take donations.  (And yes, they have a Facebook page.)

According to the article,

At this time, the park needs $250,000 for the additional improvements including a corporate shelter, new steel ramps for existing equipment, new ADA bucket swings, a large scale glider that will hold 4 wheelchairs and up to 12 children, an X-Wave II motion bench, several balancing activities as well as 2 accessible spring riders that children can sit IN rather than ON making them accessible for children with no upper body support and control.

If you’re looking for a cause or you woke up this morning asking God for a sign of which charity to give to, Independence Park sounds like a good and very necessary one.


  1. Jason Block

    Thank you!