Tabris! The cover!

I’m going to do it this time. No more teasing. You get to see the cover of The Wrong Enemy.

Charlotte Volnek, the cover artist, worked so hard on this one. Lea Schizas of MuseItUp says usually they nail the cover on the first try, but she made three separate mockups for me before we found one that really captured the spirit of the novel, the emotion and the wistfulness and the sense of regret and the fragility of hope. When I saw this, I gasped out loud.

The Wrong Enemy is the story of a guardian angel who killed the child he vowed to protect, an action that should have landed the angel in Hell and instead gets him…a second chance? And it’s not a second chance guarding a popcorn stand at the circus, either. Tabris is assigned as co-guardian over a ten year old girl with an angel who absolutely doesn’t want Tabris anywhere near that child for fear it will happen again. The only one who does seem to want Tabris around is a demon who’s making a full-court press for him to leave the God who set him up to fail, and Tabris isn’t sure the demon’s wrong.

(If you missed it last month, I posted an excerpt here on the MIU blog.)

Now, check out this cover and tell me: didn’t she nail it?

Release date: September 28th, 2012. Less than a month! And you can preorder it here.


  1. Karen Williams

    Count me enraptured! When I first read “my” beloved cover was going to change I felt sad but Jane you were right to change it (after all you are the author/creator – who am I to say)

    This cover says so much….. Charlotte Volnek did indeed nail it.


    1. philangelus

      There was no choice about changing the cover. Any publisher would change the cover so it would fit with their overall line of books and the market they intend to reach, and I totally support that. But given that it had to change — isn’t this amazing? I’ve been giddy for the last month over how well she did it!

      1. Karen Williams

        I understand….so happy that you happy as well!

  2. Carol Bird

    Exciting! Looks great. I shared the Facebook page on my FB wall.

  3. Sarah Ahiers


  4. Lydia K

    It looks wonderful! And perfect for the story. 🙂

  5. Elizabeth

    It’s perfect! So excited!

  6. Ana

    Its awesome!

  7. Normandie

    So excited. So very excited, Jane. You know how I feel about this book. I can’t wait to buy a copy, which I will place next to The Guardian.

  8. Bethany Myers (@br_myers)

    Jane! It’s so amazing! You must be thrilled. I got chills.

  9. Deb Salisbury

    What a great cover! And I love the new title. Way to go, Jane!!!!

  10. diana


  11. ElizaTilton


  12. Cheryl Koevoet (@CherylKoevoet)

    Wow! What a beautiful cover!!